Harmony is beautiful, but the freedom to create dissonance is more beautiful.

Conquer Entertainment
Like Music? Listen & buy here!

Raelea’s Market America site at Shop.com
For all your online shopping needs!

Your Bosom Buddies II, Inc.
A breast cancer support group in the western communities of Palm Beach County

Adopt A Greyhound Atlanta
This is where Raelea adopts her retired greys

The Roots of Music
An organization that helps at-risk kids in New Orleans through music education, tutoring & mentoring in which Ani Difranco is a board member

Taboo Jive
A Virtual Discussion Board Debating the Controversial in which I have written a couple of articles

Patrick Wayne Phillips
Raelea's cousin's site

Big Daddy Blues
original blues musician friend in Tallahassee, FL

Theresa Andersson
A favorite singer/songwriter in New Orleans, LA

David Carty
A fabulous cover musician friend in Tallahassee, FL

Charlie Sawyer
Photographer friend in Appalachicola, FL

Tall Zebra - Scott Nash
Graphic designer friend’s website

Florida State University College of Music
Where Raelea studied clarinet performance

Marching Chiefs
FSU Marching Band in which Raelea was a member for 4 years 1990-1993 seasons

University of New Orleans Film & Theatre
Where Raelea studied Film Production & Theater Production

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