Harmony is beautiful, but the freedom to create dissonance is more beautiful.

Fayetteville Poetry

My Niece & Nephew

The Scorpio Sun
lay quietly resting
high in a starlit sky
Darkness awakened
in water constellation
brought forth a baby
of Cancer ascension
while the moon shone down
in Gemini

She came here
not by stork
nor a bus, nor train
not even in an aeroplane
A rhyme and reason
in an autumn season
The gift of Rowan
Her birth a blessing
A beautiful smiling face

The Aquarius Sun
affixed in the morn
barely over the horizon
Daylight conversing
an air constellation
brought forth a baby
of Aquarius ascension
while the moon rested
in Capricorn

He came here
not by basket
nor bicycle, nor horse
not even in a covered wagon
A song and place
on a winter’s day
The gift of Tristan
His birth a blessing
So gentle and so handsome

Gripping fingers
tiny hands
Blue eyes wide open
and parting lips
cooing songs
and squeaker tunes
A sister and brother
together they bloom
My love to both my niece and nephew!

-Aunt Raelea


Eat and speak
But not at the same time, please
Chew and chew well
But not for all to see

Consumption is delight
When carefully done right
No choking on sight
I’m not in mood to perform
any maneuvers on you tonight!

Eat then speak
You are surrounded by loved ones
Wipe your chin
The juices are sumptuous!

Meal time is communion
A time for expression
I’m awaiting your mention
But chew your food, my friend,
then tell me your revelation!


Cookbooks here,
Recipes there
Everyone thinks they’re
a fucking genius in the kitchen!
Oh please but spare
me of the wild hair
up your ass to prepare
your bizarre ego food inventions!

Kudzu 10/27/08

Kill the Kudzu
Chewing the Kud off the Zoo
Why, thank you!
Don’t mind if I do!

Lazy Acronyms

I eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken
Well actually I don’t eat at either
Fast food is shitty!

The Orange
For Larry 3/23/08

Fiery but sweet
Raging bold but vulnerable to cold
On the outside a bumpy ride
Shining bright a colorful sight
Attracting and refracting
an orange light

Succulent but messy
Difficult to peel attempting to reveal a smile
A fruit of labor concealing fervor
the reality of ideality of the feminine
Deeply residing the potentiality
to reveal the identity of a loving friend

Digging my thumb to indent into some
Resistant armored skin
Enduring to indulging but stopping to listen
Softly the quick sound of your sweet breath
Then preparing my mouth
for the delicate flesh

Suspending consumption I’m noticing something
Within your function a mere revelation
Inside each slice a representation
The complication of your person
Arrogant but uncertain creative perception
a lonely man lacking One
to embrace your vision.

Little Stained-glass Lamp

Little stain glass lamp
your colors a fine hue
blue, green, red
to name a few

My Aunt Pat found you
and gave you a home
I gave you a light bulb
and called you my own

A gift to write under
or read a good book
little stain glass lamp
I love the way you look

Wherever I move
I tuck you in tight
then when I unpack
you’re the first to see light

On a desk or table
or next to my bed
little stain glass lamp
it can be said
you were such
a lovely gift.


Its raining
its pouring
the old womyn
stopped snoring
she never
bumped her head
on the bed
but didn’t wake up
in the morning

In Time

In time
all wounds heal their way
to somewhere else
no wound is left

In time
they find
a weaker kind
to afflict their ooze
on someone else


Droplets of rain
began to fall
My fingers
began to type
and draw
The sky lets down
from mirrored clouds
reflecting words
I take them all

Purring Friends

There there
I will take care
of every pretty stripe
and every fine hair
and what do we have here
a brown belly to bare
Green eyes and blue eyes
and long eyebrow whiskers
a small button nose
and triangle ears
with cheeks full of whiskers
and a cute little beard
or pretty black lips
Don’t stick that pink tongue
out at me!

A tale of a tail
shaken or stirred
twitching with affection
with striped fur
when happily engaged
in a meow furnacular
or dropping a toy
in silent stealth mode
A tale of a tail
in the mark of a question
or in exclamation
Missy Brown
lies herself down
on my paper and pen
or book that I’m reading
a proclamation

Mama knows the situation
for they are sisters
and jealous of one another
but love each other
So it is time
to pet the sweet heads
or brush their cheeks
they like this best

There there
I will take care
of every pretty stripe
and beautiful brown hair
lying in bed
with my purring friends
Juliet and Jen.

Job Hunting
summer 2008

Sifting through the employment ads
with paper and pen on hand
All this talk about a land
of opportunity
when it is only for
the Anglo-Saxon man!
I always laugh when I get to the part
of the application
that asks for gender and ethnic origin
so to fulfill the company’s compliance of
Affirmative Action.

Daddy's Hands

Rain is falling gently
just above my head
I’m sitting in a wooden rocker
beneath a porch constructed by
my daddy’s hands.


The beginnings of dawn
in a southern town
the streets are damp
the trees are still
the air is quiet
I am walking
after a long, painful night.

I Left The Door Cracked Discreetly

Blinking my eyes
seemingly like
a flickering of light
I left the curtain cracked slightly
So its not the light at all
only my mind
struggling to find
its twilight fall
I left the door cracked discreetly
for someone to watch over me
while I sleep.

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