Harmony is beautiful, but the freedom to create dissonance is more beautiful.

Milwaukee Poetry

Spring Has Come
An afternoon at South Shore Park 4/24/2006

Spring has come
My first in Wisconsin
Seagulls dive into cool waters
Of Lake Michigan
A park provides contentment
And enchantment
Passersby with their happy canines
Couples holding hands
Smelling the fragrance of springtime
Nappers soaking up the sun
Sprawled out on blankets
That cover green lawns
The breeze carries laughter
Barking and chirping
The sounds of a new dawn
The trees not quite in full bloom
But spring has come
Bringing delight to everyone
Here in Wisconsin.


Pardon the dark skies
Pardon the winter shade
It has left us for a while
And taken the melancholy with it.

For Chris K. 1/9/2007

You hit me with words of scorn
then again with eyes of concern
sarcasm in waves
followed by gentle praise
I delighted in finding intentions unborn.

Buried behind such pessimism
fragile glass protecting your skepticism
of any other
or myself for that matter
from accepting your unusual person.

A rock I threw deliberately
it cracked the glass abruptly
you started to run
but turned back in time
a moment which means the world to me.

Eternal Kiss
For Chris K. 2/4/2007

Help me let this go
My stomach and my heart
cannot take anymore

I cannot breathe
my heart skips a beat
with every thought of every kiss
on my lips for eternity

He will never love me
he uses my actions
and abrasive reactions
to retrieve
what he doesn’t receive
from her

What am I in this?
A lonely character left
in theatrical bliss?
on stage for no other
his last breathe on my shoulder
and longing for his eternal kiss.

unknown date 2007

I lie on my back
on the edge of a pool
while the sweat beads
then drips down
my temples
into my hair
the cool water
against the fingertips
of my left hand

The aching sensation
in my lower back
and buttocks
and burning pressure
in the heels
of my feet
from the weight
against the concrete

I glance up
into a partly cloudy sky
at the same moment
the sun is blanketed by white.

The Park Bench
unknown date 2007 revised 12/3/08

A man sits down on a park bench
encircled by a university of pigeons
He turns his head from side to side
and up and down
wondering what language of lecture
echoes from a coo
Boredom sat in right away
The man was attention deficit
He wanted to stop to appreciate
time slowing down
moment by moment
seeming endless

A womyn sat across the paved walkway
on another park bench
She was watching the man
He noticed the womyn turn quickly away
but even her eyes
were blinking slowly
How long had she been there?
The man’s anxiety
of her discovery
beset his mind
with an awkward twitch
in his left cheek
and eye
His restlessness suddenly
made time
go back to a normal pace
The womyn rose up
from her park bench
and walked away.

8/18/2007 Saturday

Summer breeze
makes me feel fine
and my mind
drifts off to the Dells
A rainy windy chill of 55
and wondering why
we picked this weekend
We’re in Wisconsin


the birds will only sing
the smell of jasmine spring
who knows what life will bring

Peanut Butter In A Spoon

Peanut Butter in a spoon
knives and forks
stiffening swoon
delightful chunk
of sticky heaven
peanut butter in a spoon

Greater Than Sign
unknown date

Big thick billowy clouds
plopped into place
moving gently over
a flock of mallards
flying in a greater than sign
or a lesser than sign
if the glass if half empty

Little Green Men
Part 1, 3/10/2006

Do you hear what I hear?
I know you don’t see
what I see
little green men
Earth is calling
for a new kind of species
to replace human beings
little green men
will breed
with you
and you will not know
a microscopic birth
then like ants
they will take over
the earth!

Part 2

Do you feel what I feel?
I know you can smell
the dirt we are being
buried by
the lack of air
due to the now
destroyed atmosphere
The little green men
are here for good!

The Answering Machine

If I saw a message
If I heard that message
Is it for me to hear?
Was it for me to see?
How does one know
which message is awaiting
a recipient?
And how does one know
whether or not
they are that
Blinders are off
and I am listening
I’m here.


Sadly scattered
sadly scattered
a message of thoughts
cannot calm them
as they race
and prance
prancing thoughts
how arrogant they are
how dare them torment
one’s mind!


Distant screams become nearby cries
Walking closer toward an unforgiving nightmare
One, a professor heard grinding his teeth
Another, his wife, seen stumbling in her sleep
Both caught in an unborn dream

Tempted are those to stir their slumber
To wake from a depth
where thoughts fall
like timber
or thunder
But an old wives tale
still lingers
and lingers
And it says of a heart may be sent to arrest
“Enter At Your Own Risk”
The sign hangs in lucid sight
but not so to frighten
one who dares to fall into the same dream
Then wake inside nowhere
Stay caught in their nightmare
A play from the start
The stir of slumber
Would have been safer
The risk of death wavers
What was once the Awaker
is now the Sleeper
Now the nightmare
Joined with professor
an undertaker
Or maybe his wife
the Grimmest of Reepers
Regretfully should have read
the sign
Next time
Awaken the one who stumbles in her sleep
or the one who is grinding his teeth.

The Driveway
From a letter to Jon 3/2006, 12/9/08 12:23am

I wanna see Jon
but he will have nothing to do with me
Six weeks have passed
since I last
spent time with him
But only a few weeks
since I saw him
when he parked behind me
in the driveway
while visiting Maya
He rented the flat
below at the time
She owned the house
but has since evicted him
I thought he was home
his car in the garage
No, not a chance
of that this time
as I wanted to leave
and had to wake him
to move his car
What a fiasco that was!
I scrambled in my irritated scamper
down the back stairs to knock on his door
after I tried calling first
Of course he didn’t answer
and of course the door neither
It was 1:30am and he gets up early
I don’t like having to wake anyone
I have had some bad experiences with one

But I knocked anyway
and knocked then banged
and banged
eventually having
to use profanities:
“Get the fuck up and move your car or
I will be forced to knock the door down!”
Needless to say he answered alright
squinting and rubbing his big brown eyes
acting all tired and innocent
Innocent my ass!
He parked there on purpose!
Hadn’t see him in week
so passive-aggressive
manipulating me
to drop in and in
an uncomfortable situation
like knocking on his door
at 1:30 in the morning!
So that was the last time
that I have seen him
It is so sad, ain’t it
that I still wanna see him?
He was so cute
in his youth
with a sense of humor
I wanna see Jon
but he won’t have it now.

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